Friday, September 09, 2005

In His hands

Well, tonight's my last night at work. Have next week off.

Leaving for the U.P. early Saturday. Need to be there by noon. Guide wants me on stand by 2 p.m. at latest.

My friend Mike P. nudged me with ideas of using one of my favorite guns in the safe, the Knight .50-caliber muzzlerloader. Definitely have been pondering the Knight .50-cal. I feel that's the best gun I have, but it's all systems go with the 7mm Savage. Knight up to 100 yards or so is deadly accurate. But I shot the 7mm today as I said I would in my last posting. Didn't have any guinea pop-up targets in addition to the paper one. Damn!

Confirmed the accuracy of the Knight last December when I was trying out a M-1 Garand before buying it while on a South Carolina boar hunt. Made a stop at the Garard's Fort, Pa., gun range while camped out at the in-laws in West Virginia. Also had smokepole with me. Couldn't hit s--- with M-1. (Later, I was able to sight it in at home range.) I put down the M-1 and took a shot with Knight. Right in center ring.

My one concern is the lack of blood you sometimes get with muzzle. Happened last year with the doe I popped behind my house. Was a heart shot at 80 yards. Only found tufts of hair where it was standing for the shot but not even a speck of blood.

Funny, went to outdoor shop down the road about a month ago. Had awesome deal on .45-cal Knight. Told a friend who's always needing a muzzleloader about it. "Naw, can't swing it," he says.

The more I looked at deal, the more I had to go with it. I mean for $99. You get gun. Free boresighting if buy a Simmons 3X9 scope for $45. Free pack of Power Belt rounds. And, of course, a free hat. Seems like I'm missing something, but that's enough to seal it. So I picked up one. Anyway, that's how much I like the one I already have.

Also, just picked up an ATV, much to the wife's chagrin. Man, I hope I don't kill myself on that thing. More worried about that and boloing the shot than getting mauled by a bear.

But it's in God's hands now.


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