Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Season capped

Just when you don't expect something to happen, it happens.

And strangely enough, I even had a dream the night before that I would smoke a grouse. Well, that's what happened.

On Dec. 27, I entered into this Lapeer County, Mich., public land hunt very rushed. I had barely an hour for a partridge assault before work.

This usually means trouble, such as a short temper while navigating through multiflora rose, and that is even more trouble, let me tell you. Squawking about among prickly viney green arms that seem to come alive once they grab your vest, can end with a wicked nettle wound to the cheek.

But there was none of that.

A week ago, with me in nearly the same disposition, I found myself wading in chilly swamp waters over my knee-high rubber boots at this same area.

However, I used this experience to my advantage. I bounced north of this impenerable water hazard and came into perfect grouse cover. Just how I planned to do so a week ago.

After I made it through a deep pine woods and once into a power line right-of-way, I got my first flush. But I never saw the bird. It seemed like I had heard two birds though. I held steady. And up the second bird went. Boom!

He was smoked. He did a triple tumble in the air to the ground into the waiting jaws of my trusty canine Henry the springer.

This more than made up for the 0-fer effort on roosters the past weekend at Walt's hunting spot in Ingham County, Mich.

Now I might even have to add this as an honorable mention to my "Top 5 Most Memorable Hunts of 2006" coming out soon online at

Anything from here on out until the end of the season is gravy.


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