Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ain't it grand?

Well, I made it.

Saved up my vacation for three glorious weeks in November to deer hunt my buttocks off.

It wasn't easy, and I am for sure in need of time off, especially after the Nov. 4 presidential election where the wrong guy got in for outdoor and shooting enthusiasts alike.

Briefly, I will be on a hunting itinerary of modest proportions by most standards: Week 1 -- Shiawassee State Game area, near Saginaw, I drew a tag for Nov. 9-14; Week 2 -- I'm still working on this one after getting bounced from the Sanilac County spot but I potentially could travel to the Upper Peninsula and sit there for the rifle opener; Week 3, lastly and probably the most glam of the three, I will be rifle hunting in north-central West "By God" Virginia for the week of Thanksgiving.

Despite some of my earlier bow struggles, I have since popped a medium-sized doe (on state land in St. Clair County on Nov. 2) and just barely shot under a decent 6-pointer (Nov. 5) across the street from my St. Clair County house.

I've swayed back and forth on how I feel about the miss.

Not really what I was looking for size-wise but then I remembered how the motto for this season changed to "capitalizing on opportunities" since I no longer have a prime spot to myself.

He was trotting right in the main shooting lane above the tree where I was sitting and it was just too good to be true. But he saw me reach back to grab the bow, which got him really spooky. We played a game of give and take move-wise and then finally I was able to draw and shoot. I overcompensated for the shooting angle and the arrow zipped under his belly. Plus, he was moving as I launched the shot. Dang it, hold still, would ya?

Last night, I spied him with the high-beams in the dark (or I think it was him) in a nearby grassy lot courting three does and he was better than I thought.

Oh well, I have plenty of time now for redemption.

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