Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Email meandering

After a long weekend of being in the woods with little sleep and then being at work dark and late Tuesday night, I must defer to an email I wrote earlier tonight to my friend Mike in Pennsylvania.

Mainly, I was blubbering on over another missed shot in the deer fields of Ingham County while hunting with Walt today. As I was explaining my case amongst the cut corn stalks and mud to Walt, who would only roll his eyes and put up his hands, I determined that I'm now in the throes of a bow funk.

But since I've learned talking or writing about past woes often softens the blow, I sought out Mike's commiseration as well, since I knew he missed a nice deer a couple weeks back.

"Yep, felt good Monday night. Recalling a past kill on Nov. 7 or 8 in '96. Wow, '96, that's quite a while ago.

"Think that was the buck trolling in Monday night is the one I'm in pursuit of behind house but one never knows. Heard of 10s and 12s being taken around me over the years.

"Sounds like you're having the kind of year I'm having. Thing keeps me positive is knowing one good shot turns season around. And could happen next time out, which may be Friday morning behind house. You might have been privvy to my percentages in the past, like I was telling Walt, it wasn't uncommon for me to be 1 of 7 or 2 of 11. So I have a history of flingin'.

"And I know I'm not the first to put one over the back of a deer. Seems like these days get into hunting funks.

"For the longest time was a turkey one, and I busted out of that one this spring. Now I'm in a bow funk. But I will overcome with His help and guidance. Preserverance will be the key. Used to be I never killed any deer with rifle, muzzle or shotgun, now score regularly. Also, never killed one in late season with bow, but broke that spell. Can be done. But not if I'm on the sofa.

"Glad I sat out that wind day (Sunday, Nov. 6). Gusts of 50 mph or more. Phewwwy on that. Even if I watched the Vikings pound the Lions. Took a snooze. Got refreshed and fevered for bow in hand once again."

And with that I now bid you a goodnight.


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