Friday, March 04, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting ...

Here I am making calls into to an Ingham County, Michigan, swamp during a recent spring gobbler season.

MAHFS photo by Walter Lucken III

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

I'm coming out of the winter slumber.

Seems I've been sleeping for three months and now dreams of new wet weather gear are dancing in my head.

I've already loaded up on another pack of Hevi-shot in anticipation of my all-time favorite season, spring gobbler. (It's the all-time favorite until fall, then archery for deer takes its place. You get the picture.)

Anyway, I upgraded to 3 1/2-inch gobbler-head blasters, not because of desire to put more umpth into the game, but I got them on sale. Yes, indeed.

Oh yeah? Cheap ass, you say? Nah, it's just fun to cut corners here and there and find deals.

But I have found Hevi-shot gets the job done best. Five-shot. And I've had a few years of testing (heh-heh) going into these findings.

Won't be long.

At the moment, I would be satisfied just being able to walk around the yard without stumbling around in the crunchy snow that just won't seem to go away, let alone strolling up a fluorescent-green spring ridge in pursuit of a love-sick tom.

Now that would be too much to ask.

But not much longer ...

(Look for a spring turkey primer by Mac Arnold in an upcoming article at


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