Friday, November 13, 2009

Archery wrap

Apparently I have put a period after the first archery season, because I didn't go out Friday, Nov. 13, nor did I will Saturday, Nov. 14.

Wanted to go on the 13th but just couldn't muster enough energy for the hunt, which was planned for the Sanilac County dairy farm I can hunt.

I'm fighting some bizarre sore throat illness, which has nausea, dizziness and aches accompanying it. And by staying in and taking nap instead, I hope to rebound enough to hit opening day of the Michigan firearms season on the 15th.

The rutting seems to have cooled some since the first of the month when I would see deer everywhere while driving home late or when in the woods on stand watching bucks chase does.

What the plan is for me now is to put myself in position where I can get a good shot at nice buck when the surge of orange men come pouring into the fields and woods.

I believe I have done that by securing a spot on the dairy farmer's northwest woods. Same place where I killed the fat doe in September. But there will not be any of that Sunday, at least not until the later parts of season.

With the wife howling over lack of freezer space, it's gotta be an 8-point or better.

Another consideration is Mr. Dairy Farmer has recently put down wheat and there can be no vehicular traffic on his seeds. So if I'm dragging anything, it's gonna have to be worth it. We're talkin' a 300-yard drag here.

So with the close of the first archery season, I can say it was a success. I'm happy with the 6-point I downed and will get recharged for the second half after running around with a shotgun for the next two weeks.


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