Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Turkey-less in Michigan

Once upon a time there was a turkey hunter and outdoor writer named Mac Arnold who lived in Michigan.

He would hunt in the great outdoors of his native state and write of his exploits on his blog.

OK, you can see where this story is going.

I'm back, but not with a vengeance ... just yet. For now I can't really write of any great dances around the pasture with a tom.

After a sloooooooooow go of it, I began reviewing the record of spring gobbler hunting pasts.

A rough estimate on my part puts an average number of times I get out at 10 times a spring. Now sometimes this total is more if I take vacation time or less depending on my luck or schedule.

In this 10-time block I can usually anticipate hooking up with a close encounter at least once, maybe twice.

So after being under the old pine tree five times in 2010, I can stay hopeful that that one time is on the horizon.

Maybe just not at the current spots I am now hunting.

The Sanilac County hot spot, which was just a matter of showing up and hitting any call of the hunter's choice to illicit a gobble, is now desolate. What a difference a year makes is all I can say.

I have no idea what happened. Could be anything -- hunter's luck in the earlier season or predators, I haven't a clue, but the turks just aren't there.

Dairy Farmer Dave had chuckled, "You should be done in an hour," when I told him over the phone my season ran until May 31.

I have to admit I was reveling in that confident tone much like a flock of hens does a quiet purr.

Yet, here we are: between Dairy Farmer Dave's and the out-the-door spot behind house, I have heard six gobbles and one hen yelp, and seen one hen in a field 70 yards to my front.

That's it.

With the season now more than halfway over, I am on the ropes, but not out by a long shot.

I've written on here previously that location is everything. Now it's time to take my own advice and widen my scope of places I can go.

I'm on it.

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