Thursday, September 01, 2011


By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

"Whowaaaank, are you kidding me?"

"Whowaaaank, is that the best you got?"

Those responses are what the geese would be saying to me if they could talk I'm sure.

I had lots o' action on the opening day of the early goose season at Dairy Farmer Dave's in the Thumb section of Michigan. More than I can ever recall since I've started hunting there three years ago.

The hunch I got from patterning their morning flight movements during last fall's turkey season was spot on.

Unfortunately, the ammo and I were not. I recovered 11 shot hulls, but no geese.

I think some of the shots were true but because of the range and steel shot I was using it wasn't enough to drop the flying rats.

A blue bird sky probably didn't help matters, which kept them at a higher altitude. And on the best opportunity of the day I got the ye olde point and "click" treatment from the '93 Mossberg with the first and closest shot. Frustrating.

So prior to work, I dropped by the Dick's in Chesterfield Township and picked up some Hevi-Metal rounds. After a quick call to their information phone jockey to make sure the choke tube I had could handle it, I'm ready for another bout tomorrow morning.

"Whowaaaank, I'm hit ... "


One promising note is Zackie said he might go in the morning or on Sunday evening (more likely Sunday eveing, I say).

Cool, I could use a videographer/cameraman.


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