Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fishing vacation coming up

One of the spots we go in West Virginia is a place called "the trough" on the South Branch of the Potomac River in the Eastern Panhandle.
MAHFS photo by Mac Arnold

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

OK, now I'm about to get back on the water the way I prefer to, and that's with me driving the boat, er ... canoe or maybe even kayak this time.

One could say that technically, brother-in-law is guiding me because he plans where we go bassin' when I visit West Virginia on our semi-annual fish-offs over the July 4th holiday.

But once we're on the water -- whether it's together or in separate rigs -- it's every man for himself. Heck, I even have a hard time getting him to steer the canoe to a better spot if need-be if I have a lunker on so I can land it, let alone help me net it.

Then he wonders why I celebrate like I'm in the Bassmaster Classic when I finally get a nice one in the boat. Cooperation? Well, it's like pulling teeth sometimes with him.

Really, I just feel like you should have some fun when you're out on the water. Get the blood pumpin' so you know you're alive. Blast out a few whoops and hollers and maybe even rattle your competitor in the process as well. Oh, yeah.

If there's another thing I've learned when matching wits with Mike, is I had better come with a loaded tackle box.

He overtook me on the last day once because of a run on green pumpkinseed Baby Brushhogs. That's what those doggone bass were tearing after in the late afternoon, I was cleaned out and therefore, finished.

So I'm sure a stop at Bass Pro Shops outside Toledo, Ohio, or at Cabela's near Wheeling, W.Va., will be in order, which makes for more vacation fun.

When I'm talking about a loaded tackle box it's because we use only artificial lures to hook bass.

It's much more fun that way.

And it's like I say: Anybody can take a deer with a rifle or a shotgun, but how about with a bow? Same with bass fishing: Anybody can hoist a big boy into the boat with a live worm or a leech, but what about on a rubber one or a spinner bait?

Makes it a little bit more interesting. Sometimes a lot more.


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