Thursday, May 19, 2011

High and dry

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS editor

For practically the first time this spring season -- I'll be able to hunt first light for turkeys.

Not only because I'm not on kid duty this morning, but it also appears to be dry for a change, so I'm also motivated to move out.

Destination: Dairy Farmer Dave's in Sanilac County.

I also have a plan.

I'm going to employ a decoy for the first time there since the second half of Michigan's spring gobbler started on May 2.

The last birds I saw at the farm on the Saturday before I was washed out were headed for the northern-most woods.

I know, they likely have moved all over since then, but I have constantly watched them come in and out of there and into the recently plowed field that adjoins it.

So I'm thinking, that woods is where they roost.

I'll stick the deke out, oh, say 50 yards to the east into the field and wait behind the blind for the dawn to burst ... with sunlight, not rain.

And Mr. Big will stroll over for a look, and boom! It's hang another on the wall time.

Well, that's how it goes in my head anyway.

Now if just one tom will cooperate with the plan I'll be in business.


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