Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Opening Day Spring Gobbler 2011

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS editor

I hunted hard during the May 2 opener for Michigan's Spring Turkey 2011 Season but was met with a chilly silence at my spot in Sanilac County.

Usually I hear a gobble here or there no matter how faint it is but not Monday on either three-hour sits.

Seems I have encountered a bit more pressure at Dairy Farmer Dave's. He opened his fences to a couple more hunters in the first season and also for this May stretch, and it proved itself by the quietness ... well, the turkey part. Dairy farms always have something going on machinery-wise and are non-stop loud.

The old Army adage "we do more before 9 a.m." could also apply to dairy farms.

Anyway, I'm not discouraged although Dave seemed bothered that no birds were answering my calls, probably thinking that I might not come back from the lack of action. He doesn't need to worry at all on that part.

I've been there a few times in early May the past three seasons and had days like that before so I know Dave's words, "They'll come back, I'm sure," are truthful ones.

It was really just fun being out again despite the cold, cloudy weather. And I even got in a nap.

I'll be back. It's a long season.


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