Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kiss of death to the turkey season?

Has finding this morel mushroom doomed my 2011 Michigan spring turkey season? Only time will tell.

MAHFS photo by Zac Arnold

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS editor

Well, I've made my triumphant return from the turkey woods and I am sad to say I'm empty-handed.

For the moment that is, because I still have two weeks left. I will go down fighting until the last day, as usual.

However, my Michigan 2011 spring gobbler season may be in vain at this point.

On Saturday, I was dealt what has become the dagger to seasons in the past: a lone morel mushroom.

Which was strange, I thought. If I stumble upon one, it usually turns into a gold mine of the tasty fungi.

Nope, just this one all by itself. Perfect in its form. Without any glitches.

And possibly snuffing out my chances for a tom.

Don't know why it is but if I fill a pack with morels, I don't get a bird. It's just as simple as that and I've talked about this before on this blog and in my hunting magazine. So some readers will already know of this tale.

Trust me, I will not accept this fate gently into this good season.


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