Thursday, June 02, 2011

Moving on

MAHFS photo by Mac Arnold
These two hens, joined here by a deer, interfered with my Michigan 2011 spring turkey hunt nearly every day I was out.

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

In case anyone was hanging on what happened on the last day of my Michigan's 2011 spring turkey season: it could be summed up by phrase, "hell has no fury like the scorn of a woman."

The woods and farm fields I hunted primarily in Michigan's Thumb region was dominated by two hens.

I called these two in -- sometimes mere steps away -- nearly every time out.

Sometimes bringing the hens in is a good thing as most turkey hunters know for they'll also have the big boys in tow.

But in this case, no, not good. And on the final day of my season, where I was posted at "The Spot," they came out of the woods but without their boyfriends.

Oh, I could hear them all right, gobbling 400 yards to the west of the farm and another one 300 yards to the north on a neighboring farm.

It seemed like after their romancing of the day before, the girls had had enough and sent them packing to the fringes.

I can this: I was at least happy the action picked up before the season ended. I was beginning to wonder was happening to my turkey nation.

The girls and I will hopefully hook up in September, when they will be on the menu with "either sex" being legal during the fall season.

A payback if you will, coming their way.


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