Saturday, December 03, 2011

Midseason review upcoming

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

This is fairly funny, if not bizarre.

Last night I had a dream that told me I should do a follow-up on the predictions I had made for this season's rut and what days would be best to hit the woods.

The thing is, my season here in Michigan was over before it started.

After cutting up a buck I blasted into after it mysteriously appeared out of the mist in front of my Jeep on I-94, two days later I zinged an arrow into a 7-point on Oct. 16.

The freezer is at a maximum level.

This doesn't mean I packed away the bow and firearms just yet.

I'm still out there on my days off or when the opportunity arises, mainly trying to help friends bag a whitetail, which is what I'll be doing today in Washtenaw County.

I suppose I've downshifted somewhat now that we're into December. But where at one time I used to shun the late season, I now embrace it, and I find satisfaction in going until the last drop of light falls on Jan. 1.

I would still like to take a nice doe, preferably with the smokepole, but if with the shotgun by the end of the month then so be it. I won't get that choosy.

So look for a more in depth midseason report on, another one of the entities I write for, later in the week.


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