Friday, April 06, 2012

Improving health

George is not fishing a hundred yards away from me to avoid my wayward casts along Lake Huron. He's just trying another spot.
MAHFS photo by Mac Arnold

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

As promised, I made the gig Friday, April 6, at my friend George Boesch's Sanilac County, Mich., beach house that turned into a dual hunting/fishing extravaganza.

OK, that might be embellishing it a bit but I was in the chilly blue waters of Lake Huron casting a spoon amid reports that salmon and steelhead were hitting the shoreline for bait fish.

I was in the game, maybe not at the right time exactly, but anything can happen.

Twenty casts were enough for the shoulder right out of the shoot a mere five weeks after torn rotator cuff surgery.

Of course the newly repaired shoulder was NOT the one doing the bulk of the work and throwing from the left side in a stout northeast wind took some getting used to but the deal is this: that's likely the way it's gonna be from here on out. Unless I want to do this all over again in a couple of years from now.

No thank you.

And just other day it occurred to me that all of the thousands of casts I've made over the years might have also contributed to the breakdown of the tendons, along with the heavy bag workouts, Army pushups, etc.

But as the doc said, Who knows why they go bad? Some people's shoulders don't handle the workloads like others do.

Anyway, our timing to be at the beach was wrong and after being battered by the chop for a few rounds like a middleweight hopeful taking on Sergio Martinez, we retreated and opted for the coyote killing fields.

Unfortunately, much like with the fishing, our timing was off considering the full moon was the night before and it seemed like the only thing attracted to the late morning calls before George's monitor slipped up were turkey vultures.

Again, I was back in the game and now I'm thirsting for more.


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