Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Rehab 101

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

Don't take the title the wrong way. I'm far from being in drug or alcohol rehab.

In fact, I'm very sober. Nearly 25 years so.

I'm talking about getting the shoulders back into condition, mainly the right one.

First, for returning to the dojang in July -- which remains tentative at this point but I would like to achieve a full black belt in taekwondo -- and later for the fall festivities: goose, turkey, grouse and woodcock, possibly bear, and lastly, deer hunting seasons.

Now that the magical 120-day mark has elapsed, which is when most of the healing has been completed, I've started to lift weights and hit the punching bags in earnest to coincide with the bi-weekly 2-mile runs.

And also since turkey season has ended as well. Can't forget that point. It's tough to toss iron around in the man cave after a near-90 degree outing in the gobbler woods.

Unfortunately, this doesn't make for "spectacular" hunting and fishing copy, so I apologize to any readers who are disappointed.

But I will be getting out into the outdoors for some fun -- bass fishing from the canoe the most likely endeavor.

I just haven't figured out yet where I want to go.

Although the thought occurred recently that the salmon and trout gig from the wall along the St. Clair River could make for a relaxing day. And some good eating if I actually landed a couple.

For now, until the autumn party begins, it'll be mostly random ramblings from this outdoorsman's at times bizarre mind that will appear here, but isn't that what a blog can be at times anyway?


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