Friday, July 13, 2012

Coyote time already?

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

Believe it or not, the coyote hunting season opens Sunday (July 15), according to the Michigan 2011-12 Hunting and Trapping Digest.

I just stumbled upon this item wondering what kind of gun fun I could get into after recently buying a small game license -- mostly thinking woodchucks -- if I decided to hunt rather than fish in the upcoming weeks.

In a previous post, I had noted "what to do" and lo and behold, here's something I could do, especially since I took nary a wily critter over the winter and spring.

The original thought that crossed my mind with regard to this, is it sure is hot as of late for a dog with a noted thick coat to be running about the countryside. But then again, they must get hungry just like any other animal.

Heat never seems to stop the birds from coming into the feeders, especially the hummingbird spazzes.

And it would give me good reason to break out the Under Armour and Visa Endurance clothing I have packed away around the house.

I guess the calls to use would be the old reliable distress ones, with stress being placed on the deer fawn bleats, since many does give birth in late spring and summer.

But if they outwit me again, I could also see if the woodchucks show themselves. Where I plan on hunting there are a couple that give the landowner fits and he's already offered me an invitation to give it a try. He can never quite get a shot a them.

Maybe I can.


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