Friday, August 24, 2012

What's coming up for this high voltage hunter

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

Remember this: Sometimes it's not spectacular. Sometimes it's mundane.

That's how it goes before the arrival of fall's hunting seasons, mainly deer archery.

It takes a lot of practice in my opinion. So when that moment of truth comes, when Mr. Big steps out of  the mist and into your shooting lane, everything is instinctive.

For me, the flinging of arrows also helps me keep sane while waiting for that magical opening day.

In addition, those old standbys in the gun cabinet that will be used need to be sighted in and checked over to make sure everything is in working order.

This is the time of the year when my head is swimming with all the possibilities of upcoming seasons: goose, turkey, grouse and woodcock and then finally king of kings, deer.

A guy can get ridiculously loaded up with tags if left unrestrained. At some point reality needs to set in ... at least for this lone wolf stalker. I mean with family, work and other obligations, there are only so many that can be done or done well for that matter.

I've been tentatively toying with the idea I may try to do a little more bird hunting this autumn. Not that I think my big lug of a mixed Lab is going to be any better; it's probably because I only got out a handful of times last season.

But what will probably happen -- like always -- is I'll get on the trail of a big buck and those plans will go out the window.

Here are the early seasons I'm zeroing in on off the top of my head:

Sept. 1: Nuisance goose.

Sept. 15: Grouse.

Sept. 15: Turkey.

Sept. 22: Woodcock

Sept. 25: Bear. (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I drew a bear tag for the third season in the Newberry zone of the Upper Peninsula.)

Oct. 1: Deer archery.


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