Friday, October 12, 2007

What happened (abridged)

I'm back from my Upper Peninsula Michigan bear hunt, and it was everything it was advertised to be with spectacular and breathtaking views to go along with the relaxed and dreamlike pace. Just what a stressed-out journalist and father of four needed.

All as advertised yet I'm bear-less once more. But there never is a guarantee hunting, except when shooting at ducks in a barrel like those fenced-in plantation hunts.

I did learn a bunch, such as what equipment is a must have in the back bear woods and how bear behave.

And I also found out if you tell your guide you don't mind going to the more secluded hunting sites "because you never get to use your quad," you will get exactly that. I mean way back.

So after the three more tries this season, that makes it a total of nine times over two different seasons I've been on stand for bear and yet to have one walk in.

Bear guide Dan Patrick of Bear Paw Inn in Michigamme assures me "it's just a matter of time."

(To read the complete bear hunting article along with pictures of Mac in the stand, log on to


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