Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Never give up

Getting through a tough deer season requires fortitude and tenacity.

By "tough" I mean shots aren't coming your way or you hit one and lose it.

Hunt enough years and this scenario will play out for you.

I know from my own trial and error of what is now my 14th year in the deer woods.

Depending on what your objective is, whether it be knocking down a fat doe for the freezer or holding out for Mr. Big Buck, you also will need to be flexible.

The hunter who connects while in the throes of a tough season is the guy who has adroitly adjusted his tactics.

This is someone who doesn't care whether it's bow, rifle or muzzleloader. He has confidence to score with any of those weapons.

For me, my objective is both -- a fat doe and a brute. Where I've been hunting in Sanilac County, I've finally moved my stubborn butt off of the ladder stand -- which has been out of bow range from where the deer are moving through a hole between two fence rows.

Last year I watched Mr. Big -- the buck I've been pursuing as previously noted in other blog entries -- walk past the fence row where I'm now stationed.

But this year the deer appear to have changed their movement from field to field. I've made the adjustment and have still been foiled.

The point is I've altered my approaches so I'm moving closer to the first kill of the year. Which also might include moving to other spots around the area and possibly even the state.

Read Mac's "attitude adjusters" to getting through a tough deer season by logging on to www.macshuntingmag.com.


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