Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When the bucks seem to be moving

Once again I almost had to lock up the brakes in an effort to miss a roaming buck while heading home last night.

It happened in a more residential area than what one would normally expect -- on the southern side of Interstate 69 along Wadhams Road barely 50 feet from the new Pilot gas station.

The whipping wind and spray of rain had no effect on what he had on his mind I'm sure.

He wasn't the size of the brute I saw the previous week just off of the shoulder on Interstate 94 near where I blasted the buck last year, east of the westbound rest area in Macomb County.

But still he looked like a shooter nonetheless.

So I would like alter what I was saying about the deer not moving because, in fact, they are active ... at 4 a.m. Unfortunately, that isn't when any of us hunters can be out, unless we want to tag one with our vehicles.


I already went down that road last year and would prefer to get one with my bow, slug gun or muzzleloader.

-- Mac Arnold


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