Thursday, December 20, 2012

Will there be a top hunt in 2012?

I would say look for Mac's Top Hunts of 2012 here but as the fall hunting seasons are winding down, it's looking like there won't be one.

It has been one of the most trying years I can remember in some time, probably on the same level of 2008 when I took four does to make two and when I was blanked in 2000 for the first time ever since I started hunting in 1994.

As the Christmas holiday approaches, tomorrow is likely the last chance I will have to bag a buck with a firearm -- and if it rains, I'm out. Since I've picked up the smoke pole, the chances have been fleeting with one missed shot at the Sanilac County dairy farm.

There will definitely be some righteous doe hunts before the Jan. 1 bell rings, maybe even a late bow hunt, so anything is possible.

And with a new found passion for coyote hunting, something could strike big in the new year.

You have to dream it.

Merry Christmas.

-- Mac Arnold


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