Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting back out there

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

Midseason burn out.

It can happen and it did for this whitetail hunter.

The difference now in my late 40s compared with when I was in my 30s is I recognize it and take a break. Spend some time with family or working out and build up that desire again.

Strangely, the other day I found myself getting geeked while changing the oil to the Jeep in the driveway. In the distance I could hear gun blasts while the chilly north wind sent temperatures plummeting and whipped snow flurries off my face.

I was in hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately, I had to work that day so I couldn't hit the woods.

But now the weekend beckons.

I gave plenty for bow and early gun season and just couldn't get the job done on a buck.

Starting Sunday, the final week of the regular firearms season will afford me an opportunity to do so and then usher in the late seasons -- muzzleloading and late doe -- both of which I've enjoyed greatly the past few years.

I guess I should include the late bow season in there as well but I'm apt to hunt that less than the other two previously mentioned. In fact, I'm looking one specific weather condition for archery: after a snowy night with layers of powder pulling down branches and creating a winter wonderland of tunnels. I love stalking deer when the conditions are like that. And it will be with the recurve. But if this occurs during muzzleloader I'd most likely opt for the smoke pole.

The connect percentages aren't good for me sticking one of my combo tags on a buck in these later seasons. I don't know exact figures but I'm sure it would be in single-digit percentages.

It would probably improve to between 20 and 30 percent for dropping a baldie.

But right now I'm pretty set for meat in the freezer so I'm mostly looking for a nice trophy animal.


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