Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coming around for gobblers

By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

As the temperature slowly rises from the winter that never seems to end, I have also begun to rise from under the covers and dream of days afield.

No, I am not mocking the holiday. In fact, I don't know where I would be right now if He wasn't the driving force in my life.

I have had a flush of game changing events happen in my personal life over the winter, which at times have seemed to put me on my heels and into inertia, at least with outdoor activities.

I'm sure there are many who could say the same in this day and age of economic surprises behind every corner.

However, after reading about the differences of shot velocity versus knockdown power for turkey loads in the latest "American Hunter," I realized the motivation was returning for the glorious spring gobbler season.

There are a couple of automatics in my life, one being deer archery and the other of course being the upcoming turkey season.

I am getting pumped! I want to put the hurt on some poor innocent thunder chicken big time.

The best money for getting the job done on this would be with the old reliable 835 Ulti-Mag Mossberg, a true and tried warhorse. The only consideration for this aging turkey hunter with a couple of surgically repaired shoulders is the weight of the brute. With the Jellyhead choke tube at .880 constriction and Hevi-shot No. 5's, no doubt it will get the job done up to 50 yards and has on a few occasions over the years.

Last year, the weight of the scatter gun did cost me quickness in drawing a bead on his precious little head, which was really the only opportunity I had to fill my tag. I was too slow slipping the barrel out of the pyramid blind, he busted me and started high-stepping out of the setup. It was the only bird I called into range that May.

So this year, I'm seriously considering using the boy's H&R single shot .20 gauge. With it being much lighter and having a shorter barrel, I'm thinking it will compensate nicely for the whimp I've become. LOL.

Obviously there won't be any 50-yard shots with its modified choke. I've heard good things about the Winchester Xtended turkey loads, so that's the first one I will try to pattern with during practice.

Oh, so much fun is on the horizon in the upcoming months. I'm so glad I've risen and so has He. Happy Easter!