Wednesday, January 16, 2013


By Mac Arnold
MAHFS Editor

For anyone wondering where I went, I'm still around but I haven't gotten back into the woods since the debacle of a hunt on New Year's Day.

I mean it ended well as far as obtaining tasty venison vittles but not so good for peace of mind.

During the New Year's Day hunt of two years ago, I once and for all tore my right rotator cuff in 40 mph winds while chasing the infamous "demon blind." I eventually caught up with it, and used it again this late deer season at the Sanilac County dairy farm, where it remains today. I'm sure it's still there. I wouldn't have any such luck of someone stealing it. I would be more upset about the stakes disappearing than that blind walking off.

This past New Year's Day I lost my jeep key in a foot of snow while helping one of the hunters at the camp recover a doe. For the life of me, I can't see why I brought it with me. Stupidity?

I'm all good now but I had to get a couple of breaks in order to make it that way.

I can tell you all this: next New Year's Day I WILL NOT BE HUNTING.

And speaking of not hunting, I have had a few things going on in my personal life that are making it tough to be motivated to do "fun things." I'm sure I'll get back at it but just haven't felt like it. Hopefully, by spring gobbler, I'll regain the spark.

In addition, this past season was basically crap for me. Thankfully, a couple of the guys at the camp gave me two nice-sized deer, so I can't complain about not having meat. The freezer is packed.

Backstrap is on tap for the next meal.


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